Beat The Stock Market


Compound Returns

Compound returns would be projected at 15.1% at Crowded House Capital as compared to 7.6% with stocks. Using these rates, a $10,000 investment would be projected to grow to $16,795 with stocks and $23,579 at Crowded House Capital.


Annual Returns

Let's be honest, the market can be great and has potential to outperform the expected performance at Crowded House Capital. But… you could also severely underperform. The problem is the Market is volatile and it is nearly impossible to know when a negative cycle will occur. Wouldn't you rather enjoy the certainty of a fixed rate?


Comparison of Annual Returns

You don't need a PHD in Economics to know that earning 8% interest at Crowded House Capital is more than 4 times what banks are paying on 1-year CDs and about 5 times the performance of the S&P 500. The case for Crowded House Capital is particularly strong when you consider the fact that most of our real estate investments are secured with a mortgage or deed of trust on the financed property, as compared to equity investments with no collateral.

Our Site offers real estate developers and operators the opportunity to apply for loans, and offers qualified investors the opportunity to invest in real estate. However, Crowded House Capital does not make recommendations regarding the appropriateness of particular opportunity for any particular investor. We are not investment advisors. Investors must make their own investment decisions, either alone or with their personal advisors.

Real estate can be risky and unpredictable. For example, many experienced, informed people lost money when the real estate market declined in 2007-8. Time has shown that the real estate market goes down without warning, sometimes resulting in significant losses. Some of the risks of investing in real estate include changing laws, including environmental laws; floods, fires, and other Acts of God, some of which can be uninsurable; changes in national or local economic conditions; changes in government policies, including changes in interest rates established by the Federal Reserve; and international crises. You should invest in real estate in general, and in the opportunities listed at the Site in particular, only if you can afford to lose your investment and are willing to live with the ups and downs of the real estate industry. We may provide financial projections for some of the investment opportunities listed on the Site. All such financial projections are only estimates based on current conditions and current assumptions. The actual result of any investment is likely to be different than the original projection, often by a large amount. Neither Crowded House Capital nor anyone else guaranties the results reflected in financial projections.

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