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We know what it's like to have a real estate deal or a great business idea that just needs some oxygen, in the form of cash, to bring that project to life. I'm happy to say, getting that funding doesn't have to be so arduous anymore.

Highly Attractive Returns

Without having to worry about navigating the ridiculously complex SEC regulations that slow you down, your project is about to become available to both Accredited AND Non-accredited investors, giving you a very large pool of people eager to make money by helping YOU be successful.

Highly Attractive Returns

You'll also find our funding to be reasonably priced because we fully understand the cost of funds can't be prohibitive to your success. We've kept the rates low because we want to fund you over and over again,— a perpetual resource to keep you making money, and that makes us money. Once you get registered we'll send you a term sheet outlining our current rates and lending policies.

Best Rates, Best Terms, Least Hassle

Highest LTV, Lowest Down Payment, Lowest Rates, No Credit Scores

I'm excited to get you started! Let me share a brief points on getting registered, submitting your project, and getting the funding you need as quickly as possible.

The first thing we need to cover is whether you are currently engaged in a financial fundraiser for your project. If you have posted the financial terms of your project to the public on your own, or through another portal, we will need to discuss that before your project can go live on this portal. Because we allow Non-accredited investors on this platform, it means the visibility of terms must have be controlled very closely, and previous public viewing might violate SEC regulations on this matter. This can be tricky, so if you're not sure, there is a button below that you can click to read an article that will help determine whether you have or haven't.

This is not to discourage you. It is only to point out our effort to keep us both in compliance with the SEC, which we can agree is always prudent to avoid the hassles of any violations.

When submitting your project, you'll be asked whether you've previously advertised this project. Please provide accurate details to inform us of any previous or current efforts we need to be aware of.

This is also important because we require an exclusive amount of time to raise the funds for your project. You can request how long the raise occur on our platform, but you can understand we don't want to be in the posiIon of having an investor pull the project while investors had an expectaIon to fund it.

Secondly, I want to recommend that you be as specific and thorough as possible when providing the details of your project. The investors don't have a relationship with you to know what an upstanding, experienced person you are. They are evaluating whether to invest in your project based on the merits and risks associated with it, and honestly, whether they like you. Being clear and concise in your descriptions, providing the requested documentation proving expenses, plans, valuations, and telling a compelling story with pictures and/or video is critical to gaining trust and confidence of the investors, which ultimately leads to reaching your funding goal in the time you need it. If that seems overwhelming, don't worry. We can help you with that too.

Another consideration is transaction timing. Not only should you allow as much time as possible to crowdfund your project, there is another timing factor. While there may be up to 100 different investors who have contributed to your project, we make one we make one transaction with you. Assuming your project is successfully crowdfunded, meaning the requested goal is reached, then we need time to process the documents for each investor and complete the transaction with you. This keeps things easy on your end, but does take us some time to get together. In the term sheet, we'll indicate how many days are needed to accomplish that, so you can plan accordingly and allow enough time between your project funding end date and the date you need to close the funding. For real estate projects, this kind of logistical timing is very important.

Lastly, when your project is ready for approval, we'll issue a funding commitment signed by us and by you that lays out expectations so everything is clear and transparent. No surprises, so you can be confident in the process.

Now that I've covered those items, all that's needed for you to do is register and submit your project. Simply complete the registration information below and get plugged into the best crowdfunding source available.

We can't wait to work with you!

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