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What Type of Deals Do You Fund?

CrowdedHouseCapital currently funds Real Estate projects such as fix and flip, or fix and hold, and new construction projects. Other project categories are coming very soon!

Is There a Limit to What I Can Borrow?

No, there is no pre-determined limit to your funding! If the investors feel your projects and your experience are sufficient to fund all your submitted projects simultaneously, then the only limit would be your ability to successfully manage them to completion and repayment.

What Does Crowded House Capital Charge for the Money?

The rate varies depending on the kind of investors who fund your project, the length of term you desire for the funding, and whether it is a senior lien position, mezzanine financing, or equity positions. After registering you’ll get a welcome email with a range of term specifics so you can get an idea of the cost of funds. You’ll find them to be the lowest in the marketplace!

How Long are the Loan Terms?

Terms are flexible and can range from 6 months to 24 months depending on your project needs.

How Soon Can I Get Funded?

Quickly! We need to review your project, talk with you about any adjustments that may be necessary for approval, issue a commitment letter with terms for signature, and submit the project on the portal. Well-documented projects will attract the best investors and ultimately determine how long it takes to get sufficient funding for your project. When funded, the loan coordination takes only a few days.

How Are Draw Schedules Handled?

Draw schedules are unique to each project, but generally we like them to be in small enough portions to be safe for us as the lender and also convenient for you as the borrower. We’ll advance the initial draw, then follow up with inspections to release subsequent draws. We’ll work with you to support your needs.

Do I Have to Sign a Personal Guarantee?

Nope. The funding you receive is based on the merits of your project, and the safety provided to the investors. Your Company will sign for the loan, but it will not require a personal guarantee or a credit score. So it’s very important to request the minimum funding necessary to complete the project, given the wider the margin of safety the better the chances of quick funding.

Do I Have to be Experienced?

Experience always helps, but is not a requirement. The project questionnaire will ask you how many similar projects you’ve done. Just be honest. If it’s zero or one, then simply be especially thorough in the project description that you have the proper team in place to complete the project. Also be detailed in the project comparables/valuation to justify your diligence is accurate. As long as investors can have confidence in the project potential and your team’s ability to get it done, you’ll find success.

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Real estate can be risky and unpredictable. For example, many experienced, informed people lost money when the real estate market declined in 2007-8. Time has shown that the real estate market goes down without warning, sometimes resulting in significant losses. Some of the risks of investing in real estate include changing laws, including environmental laws; floods, fires, and other Acts of God, some of which can be uninsurable; changes in national or local economic conditions; changes in government policies, including changes in interest rates established by the Federal Reserve; and international crises. You should invest in real estate in general, and in the opportunities listed at the Site in particular, only if you can afford to lose your investment and are willing to live with the ups and downs of the real estate industry. We may provide financial projections for some of the investment opportunities listed on the Site. All such financial projections are only estimates based on current conditions and current assumptions. The actual result of any investment is likely to be different than the original projection, often by a large amount. Neither Crowded House Capital nor anyone else guaranties the results reflected in financial projections.

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